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Catering Menu

Please call Courtney, Our Catering Manager @ (603) 232-1953 or email for pricing.

Have a favorite you don't see? 
-We can do it!

Planning a shower? 
-Have it HERE!
Gluten Free items available on request for an additional charge.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your next event!

Due to our current pandemic there will be an additional charge for individual packaging.
Catering family style is available, although we do ask that you sign a contract releasing The Purple Finch Cafe of all responsibilites in the case that someone involved in said catering develops any Covid-19 related illnesses with the consent of engaging in "family style" catering.

Thank you fellow finches!

Fall Menu

Turkey Meatballs


Serves approximately 20-25 people.

40-2.oz meatballs in house-marinara sauce, served with garlic ciabatta toast points.
- Not gluten free or dairy free as is.
- One weeks’ notice is required in order to accommodate to allergies listed above.
- 24 hour notice is required for this item

Priced per Tray

Thanksgiving Sliders

$80 small  20 sliders with gravy
$155 medium 40 sliders with gravy ($5.00 off)
$270 large 70 sliders with gravy ($10.00 off)
$4 a piece for any additional
- One weeks' notice is appreciated for this order.

Harvest Salad

$45 small serves 20
$65 medium serves 30
$85 large serves 40
Served with a balsamic reduction on the salad & balsamic dressing on the side, Sm. Soup cup-lrg.
--- Can be made vegetarian, gluten free, nut free & dairy free.
- 24 hour notice is appreciated for this item.

Baked Pumpkin Risotto


Serves approximately 30 people.
An edible pumpkin filled with risotto.
- Can be made Vegetarian upon 24 hour request.
- 24 hour notice is requested for this item.

Priced per pumpkin

Finch-Veggie D’Lite

$45 small tray serves 25
$65 medium tray serves 35
$85 large tray serves 45
An assortment of veggies served with the dip & spread in the tray. Veggies can be modified.
- 24 hour notice is required for this item.

Homemade Desserts

- 48 hour notice is required for all pies.
- You may request any pie of your liking with one weeks’ notice.

Whoopie Pies


Halloween-Crispy Treats


Smore’s Bars


Peanut Butter & Jelly Donuts


Homemade Pies

- 48 hour notice is required for all pies.
- You may request any pie of your liking with one weeks’ notice.

Sweet Potato Pie


With toasted marshmallow

Apple Crisp


Apple Pie